Monday, March 30, 2009

Planting Trees- Benefits

Last post talked about environmental issues and significance of trees. Planting trees has numerous benefits. Do you know trees help in reducing your electricity bills by as much as half? Now you will be curious to know how. Modern day cities often fall victim to storm and hurricane. The name like ‘Rita’ and ‘Katrina’ will definitely ring a bell in your mind. These were the names of hurricanes that devastated entire city in USA. Trees of tremendous help in cutting the flow of storm water runoff. That way, city will also be saved from need of more storm sewer and ultimate beneficiaries will be city’s taxpayers.

Point to be noted here is trees are an excellent source of shades. So many buildings in urban cities are provided shades by trees. More shades, less heat and low air-conditioning usage and ultimately less electricity bill. It is also a known fact that massive tree cutting campaign in cities have caused heat waves so it’s better to plant some trees. Trees are known to protect soil by holding it with the root systems. Trees deflect continuous rain and that saves soil from getting displaced. By shedding its leaves trees provide nutrients to soil.

Trees are known to act as natural flood controller. Did not we read in school that forests are natural reservoirs and it is also a source of clean water? Other benefits include, most of the endangered species get their shelters in forests and they pay carbon debt as well. So many benefits and it just becomes quite natural for us to take planting trees in a more serious way. Trees are definitely an enriching part of our lives. So plant tree and contribute in saving earth mission.