Sunday, May 31, 2009

Benefits of Tulsi Tea

Let’s talk about India’s ancient richness Herbs and Ayurveda. This form of science has given us several miracles. Known to be one of the oldest forms of medicine, Ayurveda is full of benefits and wonder methods. One of the plant and leaves often recommended by Ayurveda masters is tulsi herb. It is also known as holy basil. Found in almost all the households of India, tulsi has not only religious but health significance also. Western world has also started to acknowledge its benefits and one can see tulsi tea or tulsi supplements available in western stores.

Tulsi tea is made of tulsi herbs and it is very tasty. It can be enjoyed in both hot and cold form. It is recommended that tulsi tea should be a part of our day to day lives. Tulsi tea does not contain any caffeine and provides us amazing health benefits. One can also enjoy it in summer with ice and a squirt of lemon. The ideal to prepare it is in normal black tea mould with infusion of tulsi in gently boiled water and leaving it for two minutes. It helps our body from diseases by giving us effective antioxidants. It also helps in improved memory, healthy heart and vision. Tulsi tea is known to contribute significantly in strengthening of immune system. Other benefits include lessening arthritis pain and inflammation.

We live in a stressful environment and tulsi tea is known to provide calming effect. Its anti-stress properties are nothing less than blessings in the times of stress and consistent tension. Also known as queen of herbs, its healing properties have always been acknowledged in India. Tulsi has been regularly used in formation of Ayurveda medicines.