Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Indian Astrology

Astrology is a very interesting subject. People from all over the world take help of astrology to figure out things in their lives. Astrology is a very ancient system. It has evolved and flourished over the years. If we talk about Indian astrology, it is also known as Jyotish or Jyotish astrology, Vedic astrology and Hindu astrology. The essence of astrology is to analyze the movements of the celestial bodies along with the divisions of time dependent. The Hindu Vedic religion had provision of several disciplines. One of the disciplines ‘Vedanga’ includes Indian Jyotish astrology as one of its six branches. Indian astrology is quite different from western astrology in terms of principles.

Unlike western astrology, jyotish does not rely heavily on tropical zodiac. However, it does use a bit of it for predicting the course of nature. Present since ancient times, Indian astrology has originated from spiritual customs of India. Jyotish shastra uses elements of karma and planet movements. It empowers with reality and knowledge. It uses subjects like mathematics, architecture, medical and military applications. According to Hindu scriptures, planets are also known as grahas. These grahas are known to affect a person’s life in a major way. The jyotish helps in understanding how movements of planets affect a person’s life. It also teaches ways to get rid of those hardships. Indian astrology uses 12 signs. These signs are also known as rashi. Once the reasons of problems are found out, religious ceremonies are performed to alleviate the problems.