Monday, March 23, 2009

Importance of Trees in saving Environment

One of the most important issues facing human kind is global environment. Every now and then, we keep coming across the news of global warming, depleting ozone layer, harmful effects of carbon and such related topics. Nations across the world are holding several environmental meets to tackle this grave issue. Right from shutting down polluting factories to go green campaign steps are being taken to handle the situation. But before anything we can take one basic step that can do wonders to mission save earth. Planting trees is an amazing idea from so many aspects. Let’s talk about few interesting aspects of plating trees.

One of the major benefits of trees is that they help in cleaning air and water. Trees are excellent in absorbing harmful pollutants including fertilizers and pesticides runoffs. Trees contribute a lot in saving money and energy. Wonder how? It has been said that, one needs to plant just three trees around his house in a strategic way and voila! One will manage to save his air-conditioning bill by no less than half. Trees are very crucial in restoring the environment by heavily contributing in sustainable economy of the community. That way, they also help community life. Tress can change many things that we never imagine. More often than not they act as glue. One just needs to look closely and will find what magic this thing can do to us and our earth. Trees provide several benefits and are of great source of help. We will look deeply in those aspects in the next post.