Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interesting Google Facts

PageRank is the basis of Google’s search technology and it is named after Google co-founder Larry Page. Google’s web service is called Gmail that is hugely popular. But not many of you know that Gmail was in trial mode for two years before the official launch. This free web service has been designed by accommodating six types of email users. Recently the name of Gmail has been changed to Google Mail for new UK users. This event took place after some trademark issues. How many of you know about Google Doodle? It is basically logos that appear on Google homepage in the calendar option. Google has gone one step further and has created online museum where all the logos used in the history of the company have been displayed. The attractive doodles owe their designs to a Korean national named Dennis Hwang.

An astonishing number of 20 million search queries are registered by Google every day. People from all over the world including Vatican and Antarctica access the site. One can use no less than 116 languages while setting the Google homepage. Among all the websites, Google has the largest number of translators. It is being said that if one tries to search all the 3 billion pages of Google, it will take him 5,707 years whereas 0.5 second is what Google software takes for the same function. More than 845 million Usenet messages combine together to form Google Groups. Google also has a site named Google Moon that gives all the relevant information and maps of Moon.