Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busting Drink Myths

Previous article talked about few misconceptions about drinks. I came across few additions to those assumptions that I found essential to share with all of you. Tell me how many of you think Diet Pop is healthier than Regular Pop? I am not surprised if many people across the regions think that way. But truth is far from that. Diet pop can has less than 10 kilocalories whereas a can of regular pop contains approximately 135 kilocalories. That’s a huge difference. Infact many diet pop has zilch kilocalories. However, as far health aspect is concerned there is not much to write about because of presence of flavored water and artificial color.

Also make sure to have plain water instead of flavored water because the later one contains sugar and fat. It is also recommended to substitute juice or flavor water with plain water. It pays to check the label and nutrient details while purchasing the bottle. All these general awareness facts will go a long way in reducing your waist line and wallet as well.