Sunday, September 4, 2011

General Knowledge and Homework

General knowledge and homework go hand in hand. General knowledge in other words can be called as common sense. Once a child reaches a certain age, he/she should have developed a certain amount of knowledge. This knowledge must help him or her to differentiate between the good and bad. We are living in a dangerous world and having some common sense can do a lot of good for any child.

When the child is doing homework, if he/she can do it by themselves, then it is certainly a boon for the parent as they do not have to break their heads in explaining the stuff to their kids. If at all your children is having difficulty in grasping the subject, then you must use innovative methods and teaching aids to teach them so that they understand and learn the subject.

Most of us feel that the International curriculum or the American based educational system is more effective for the simple reason because it gives more stress on the practical rather than the theory part. A small advice to parents, ensure that your child learn and understand what he or she is studying.

Marks ought to be secondary; the child must benefit and more importantly be learning. Kids might enjoy doing their homework by relating it with general studies. Knowledge and homework go hand in hand.