Monday, March 30, 2009

Planting Trees- Benefits

Last post talked about environmental issues and significance of trees. Planting trees has numerous benefits. Do you know trees help in reducing your electricity bills by as much as half? Now you will be curious to know how. Modern day cities often fall victim to storm and hurricane. The name like ‘Rita’ and ‘Katrina’ will definitely ring a bell in your mind. These were the names of hurricanes that devastated entire city in USA. Trees of tremendous help in cutting the flow of storm water runoff. That way, city will also be saved from need of more storm sewer and ultimate beneficiaries will be city’s taxpayers.

Point to be noted here is trees are an excellent source of shades. So many buildings in urban cities are provided shades by trees. More shades, less heat and low air-conditioning usage and ultimately less electricity bill. It is also a known fact that massive tree cutting campaign in cities have caused heat waves so it’s better to plant some trees. Trees are known to protect soil by holding it with the root systems. Trees deflect continuous rain and that saves soil from getting displaced. By shedding its leaves trees provide nutrients to soil.

Trees are known to act as natural flood controller. Did not we read in school that forests are natural reservoirs and it is also a source of clean water? Other benefits include, most of the endangered species get their shelters in forests and they pay carbon debt as well. So many benefits and it just becomes quite natural for us to take planting trees in a more serious way. Trees are definitely an enriching part of our lives. So plant tree and contribute in saving earth mission.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Importance of Trees in saving Environment

One of the most important issues facing human kind is global environment. Every now and then, we keep coming across the news of global warming, depleting ozone layer, harmful effects of carbon and such related topics. Nations across the world are holding several environmental meets to tackle this grave issue. Right from shutting down polluting factories to go green campaign steps are being taken to handle the situation. But before anything we can take one basic step that can do wonders to mission save earth. Planting trees is an amazing idea from so many aspects. Let’s talk about few interesting aspects of plating trees.

One of the major benefits of trees is that they help in cleaning air and water. Trees are excellent in absorbing harmful pollutants including fertilizers and pesticides runoffs. Trees contribute a lot in saving money and energy. Wonder how? It has been said that, one needs to plant just three trees around his house in a strategic way and voila! One will manage to save his air-conditioning bill by no less than half. Trees are very crucial in restoring the environment by heavily contributing in sustainable economy of the community. That way, they also help community life. Tress can change many things that we never imagine. More often than not they act as glue. One just needs to look closely and will find what magic this thing can do to us and our earth. Trees provide several benefits and are of great source of help. We will look deeply in those aspects in the next post.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busting Drink Myths

Previous article talked about few misconceptions about drinks. I came across few additions to those assumptions that I found essential to share with all of you. Tell me how many of you think Diet Pop is healthier than Regular Pop? I am not surprised if many people across the regions think that way. But truth is far from that. Diet pop can has less than 10 kilocalories whereas a can of regular pop contains approximately 135 kilocalories. That’s a huge difference. Infact many diet pop has zilch kilocalories. However, as far health aspect is concerned there is not much to write about because of presence of flavored water and artificial color.

Also make sure to have plain water instead of flavored water because the later one contains sugar and fat. It is also recommended to substitute juice or flavor water with plain water. It pays to check the label and nutrient details while purchasing the bottle. All these general awareness facts will go a long way in reducing your waist line and wallet as well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Facts About Drinks

There are quite a good number of misconceptions about food and drinks. Few of them have existed since several years. This article will try to clear few facts about drink and food habits. These myths have been debunked by qualified dietitians.

Many people believe that milk is more fattening than juice. People who prefer milk instead of juice tend to gain more weight. But let me clear one thing. A glass that contains one percent milk contains far less calories than a glass of juice. It might come as a surprise to many of us but a glass of fruit juice has almost 120 kilocalories whereas two percent milk in a glass will give you just 10 kilocalories. Also the fact that milk has more nutrients like potassium, protein, vitamin D and calcium signifies what should be our priority. Juice has mostly some vitamins and sugar.

Many people believe that coffee is the main source of caffeine. Infact quite a large number of people have quit drinking coffee because of caffeine and heart connection. But how many of us know that even a can of pop, tea and canned drinks contains caffeine. Drinks like Red Bull and Jolt possess as much caffeine as coffee. Also take note of the fact that having coffee in small to moderate amount is not at all harmful for health. Though on exception is for pregnant women and people having high blood pressure as they need to reduce their coffee intake.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interesting Google Facts

PageRank is the basis of Google’s search technology and it is named after Google co-founder Larry Page. Google’s web service is called Gmail that is hugely popular. But not many of you know that Gmail was in trial mode for two years before the official launch. This free web service has been designed by accommodating six types of email users. Recently the name of Gmail has been changed to Google Mail for new UK users. This event took place after some trademark issues. How many of you know about Google Doodle? It is basically logos that appear on Google homepage in the calendar option. Google has gone one step further and has created online museum where all the logos used in the history of the company have been displayed. The attractive doodles owe their designs to a Korean national named Dennis Hwang.

An astonishing number of 20 million search queries are registered by Google every day. People from all over the world including Vatican and Antarctica access the site. One can use no less than 116 languages while setting the Google homepage. Among all the websites, Google has the largest number of translators. It is being said that if one tries to search all the 3 billion pages of Google, it will take him 5,707 years whereas 0.5 second is what Google software takes for the same function. More than 845 million Usenet messages combine together to form Google Groups. Google also has a site named Google Moon that gives all the relevant information and maps of Moon.