Monday, February 16, 2009

The Silver Ghost and First Bank Notes

The name Rolls Royce symbolizes class and elegance. One of the best known cars in the world with fanatic fan following, it was created by Charles rolls and Henry Royce. First time made in 1906, for long Rolls Royce was known as the best car in the world. The superior quality of the craftsmanship gave the car phenomenal fame. The car is renowned as ‘Silver Ghost’ because of its glittery aluminum body and quietness resembling to ghosts. The mascot of the car is quite famous as ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’. Silver ghost was the first car to have hand brake and folding windscreen especially designed for rear seat passengers.

The story behind invention of bank notes is quite interesting. The story goes back to 10th century when coins used for trade and business used to be very heavy. So people instead of carrying these heavy coins, preferred to take handwritten receipts from the merchants in exchange of coins. To solve the problem, Chinese government started printing notes that had fixed values. That is said to be the origin of bank notes. In 17th century, European nations also got hold of the idea and world’s first printed notes took place in Sweden in 1961. Since then, it has been a memorable journey for printed notes. Later on many governments kept introducing new things in printed notes.