Monday, February 9, 2009

Origin of Badminton

Games are a very crucial part of our lives. Hardly any person can be found with no interest in any sports. However the choice of game differs from person to person and also from region to region. Indian people are mostly into cricket whereas in USA, golf, baseball is more popular. Similarly in Eastern Europe, gymnastics and athleticism is more popular whereas in south East Asian nations, badminton rules the roost. Games are wonderful medium to have fun and use as recreation. For many it is their profession and source of livelihood. The coming articles will focus on evolution of few of these sports and how they got transformed in their current day form with addition of rules and point system.

Badminton is a very popular sport in many parts of the world especially, Asia and Europe. India is also an upcoming nation in the arena and credited to provide champion players like Prakash Padukone, P.Gopichand and currently Saina Nehwal. The origin of this game is credited to medieval Britain. There was a popular kid’s game known as shuttlecocks or battledores and badminton is considered as a descendant of that sport. India also had a major role to play in development of current day badminton. As the story goes, British army officers in Pune, Maharashtra, forever changed the way badminton is played by adding a net in 19th century. They also started to play it competitively. Interestingly, this game was initially known as Poona because of obvious reasons. Later on some of those officers returned back to England and introduced the same format there. Since then, the game has never looked back. The organized stricture of this game in India took place in 1920s.