Saturday, February 7, 2009

Interesting Facts

Bahrain is one of the rarest countries whose National Anthem has only music but no words
Fox theatre,Detroit, (USA) is the largest cinema in the world.
Saudi Arabia does not have any Cinema theatres
Sears Tower,Chicago is the world's tallest office building
Persepolis was the capital of ancient Persian Empire
Paraguay got its independence from Spain in 1811.
Arthur Wynney invented the cross word puzzle
WHO is also known as World Health Organisation
Geneva is the headquarter of WHO
FAO refers to Food and Agriculture Organisation
FAO is located at Rome and London
Montreal in Canada houses International Civil Aviation Organisation
The Angel Falls is located in Venezuela (Latin America)
Thirteen is often regarded as unlucky number but in Italy it is considered as the lucky number
Alurophobia refers to fear of cats and one of the most famous historical personalities suffering from this phobia was Napoleon
Italians(14 Oct.1911) were the first country to use aeroplanes in war. Since then, it has acquired the status of most useful and deadly weapon.
Abraham Lincoln is credited to abolish the curse of slavery in America
Manchester is also known as textile capital of the world.
USA has more than 10,000 golf courses.
Louvre museum,Paris is the proud museum where historical painting `Mona Lisa' is displayed
Tomato was also known as Love apple
King Khalid Int.Airport, Saudi Arabia is the largest airport in the world.
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was bestowed with the title of Desert Fox.
Bascilica of St.Peter,Vatican City,Rome is the largest church in the world