Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Females-

Sirivamo Bandaranaike became world’s first female prime minister in 1960. She was elected in tiny island nation of Sri Lanka. Isabel Peron has the honor of being the first woman president when she was selected for the post in 1974 in the Latin American country Argentina. Saudi Arabia and Monaco has the dubious distinction of not having any female members in the sub-ministerial positions of national government whereas Scandinavian country Sweden was the first ever country of having more female ministers than men in 1999. The number was of 11 female ministers to the 9 men ministers.

Talking about females, Marie Curie was the first female to receive Nobel Prize in 1903. She got it for her amazing contribution on subject of radiation phenomenon in Physics. She also won Nobel award in chemistry in the year 1911. She got the award for her great work in discovery of polonium and radium elements. She managed to achieve the distinction after much effort and hard work. In a way, she initiated the trend of women getting the world’s most prestigious award. Since then, quite a good number of females have won the prestigious award. The concept of Nobel Prize was founded by Alfred Nobel. One interesting fact is, Nobel Prize for peace was started much later but the idea of it was given by a female named Bertha Von Suttner. Women have won awards in all the categories except economics. But that exception won’t remain for long.