Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facts about Papaya

The importance of health and nutrition can not be emphasized any further. We keep coming across world of information pertaining to different aspects of health and fitness. One of the most nutritious fruit is papaya. It is also a commonly seen fruit and available in almost every part of the country. Papaya plant is surprisingly not a tree but rather an overgrown herb. This herb is scientifically known as herbaceous perennial. It is found in almost all the tropical destinations. Central America especially Mexico is said to be the birthplace of this delicious fruit.

Papaya offers many nutritional values and foremost among them is in digestion. Papaya contains papain that helps in breaking down the protein and consequently that proves tremendously useful in digestion. Papaya is also considered wonderful for the people who want to lose weight. So all those people struggling with weight issues, start nibbling on this nutritional masterpiece. Apart from that papayas are known for having huge amount of folate, vitamin C and potassium. Other crucial things contained within papaya are, lycopene, vitamin A, carotenoids lutein (very important for eyes), vitamin E and zeaxanthin.

Papaya scores heavily in terms of its nutritional values. Compared to other fruits, it is definitely a nutritional masterpiece. It is recommended to eat 2 cups of papaya on a daily basis. One can use them in salad or blend them into sauces or salad dressings or even salsa.